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Christian Education

Knowing and understanding the word of God and its application in our lives is central to our church family. That's why we offer a wide variety of Sunday School classes that provide insight into the Bible and its relevance in today's global world. Sunday School study formats vary widely: for example, participants can choose from a chapter-by-chapter examination of the Bible, comprehensive studies of Christ's teachings as they apply to our lives today, or interactive small group explorations into the meaning of faith.

All of our classes are informally structured and provide participants with an excellent way to get to know their fellow Kingswood members better.  Church members are encouraged to attend a variety of classes and experience a diversity of study subjects and approaches because the ultimate goal of our study is to maximize personal spiritual growth and to make it an enjoyable and affirming process.

Of course, children are never forgotten at Kingswood. On Sundays, age-appropriate classes are offered to all children -- sometimes involving skits, arts and crafts, drama, and even cooking! Additionally, each summer, Kingswood's Vacation Bible School enrolls more than 100 children who experience fun and fellowship in a warm welcoming setting.

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