Glaze Family History

Luther Marion Glaze

Born: May 11, 1895  Died: May 5, 1972


Compiled and written by

Jeffrey Lee Glaze



Married to Herman Artifical Kilgore. Their children:


Luther Marion Glaze, the fourth son of Thomas Washington Glaze and Nancy Bethena Johnson, was born May 11, 1895 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He was married on October 26, 1913 at Gwinnett County, Georgia, to Herman Artifical Kilgore who was born October 15, 1888 in Gwinnett County, Georgia . Their children were:

  • Lucille Glaze, Born August 16, 1914, Gwinnett County, Georgia. Married Willie Jacob Yancey September 27, 1931 at Walton County, Georgia. Died May 22, 1991 at Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  • Gracia Lee Glaze, Born: October 24, 1917, Rockdale County, Georgia. Married James Paul Cox October 28, 1935 at Walton County, Georgia. Died: December 7, 2004

  • Henry Edgar Glaze, born July 22, 1920. Married Daisy Bell Hudson in 1938 at Walton County, Georgia.

  • Randolph Glaze, born August 25, 1921 at Conyers, Georgia. Married Margene Corly March 24, 1945 at Conyers, Georgia.

  • Dorothy Kelly Glaze, Born March 14, 1923 at Gwinnett County, Georgia. Married J. D. McCart in 1938 at Walton County, Georgia. Died March 16, 1994.

  • Arvel Glaze, born February 24, 1925 at Rockdale County, Georgia. Married Nellie Laverne Humphries October 26, 1943 at Conyers, Rockdale County, Georgia. Died February 7, 1990 at Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  • Elizabeth Glaze, born September 18, 1931 at Rockdale County, Georgia. Married James Clanton Glisson. 

Luther Marion Glaze did some peddling, operating what was sometimes called a "Rolling Store". He would travel to various wholesale establishments in Atlanta, picking items which he then sold around the county. In his younger days, Luther sold goods from a horse drawn wagon, then later from a pick-up truck. On occasion, his nephew, Herman Thomas Glaze, traveled with him on his rounds, as did Luther's father, Thomas Washington Glaze.  


When Luther and Herman lived in Decatur, he ran two different grocery stores on Candler Road in the Late 40's and early 50's. Some of the grandchildren have a photo of it with Grace (Gracia Lee Glaze), Paul (James Paul Cox) , and Margaret (Margaret Ann Cox) in front of it. It was the kind that had fruit and veggies in baskets and candy in the big glass jars with the lids.


Luther Marion Glaze was known to his grandchildren as Papa Glaze. Papa "loved ice cream, every time we visited, we had ice cream". One of his grandchildren remembered, "Papa......... was a grumbler and complained a lot......... Maybe he had a hard life".


Luther Marion Glaze died May 5, 1972 in Gwinnett County, Georgia

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