Glaze Family History

Robert David Glaze

Born: December 18, 1928


 Compiled and written by

Jeffrey Lee Glaze


Robert David Glaze was born December 18, 1928 in St. Mountain, Georgia. He was married December 31, 1950 to Peggy Ann Hensler who was born December 14, 1930 in St. Mountain, Georgia. There children were:

  • Robert David Glaze, Jr. born: January 11, 1952 in Atlanta, Georgia 
    Married to Sandra Chastain 

  • Carol Ruth Glaze Born: December 31, 1953 in Decatur, Dekalb Co., Georgia 
    Married to Robert Cronin 

  • Ben Richard Glaze Born: June 29, 1957 in Atlanta, Georgia 
    Married to Vicki Lanier

  • Debra Louise Glaze Born: April 7, 1959 in Atlanta, Georgia 
    Married to Louis T. Chini 

  • Glenn Byram Glaze Born: February 5, 1962 in Atlanta, Georgia 
    Married to Paula King

  • Charles Edward Glaze Born: March 29, 1964 in Dayton, OH 
    Married to  Tami Sanko

  • Hal Hensler Glaze Born: February 13, 1971 in Taccoa, Georgia 
    Married to Paula Stowe

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