Glaze Family History

Claude Ramsden Glaze

Born: January 19, 1919 Died: February 23, 2003

Compiled and written by

Jeffrey Lee Glaze


Married to Rachel Brown in 1947. Their children:

  • Claude Ramsden Glaze, Jr.

  • Wesley Glaze

  • Becky Glaze

Claude Ramsden Glaze was born January 19, 1919 in Stone Mountain, Dekalb County, Georgia. He was the fourth child of James David Glaze and his wife Violet Ramsden. He married Rachel Brown in 1947.


Claude went to work for Southern Railway in 1939, and also served as President of the Southern Railway Credit Union. He joined the railway labor union, the Brotherhood of Railway, Airline, and Steamship Clerks (BRAC), for whom he served as state and national Legislative Representative for over 29 years. Claude really loved working for the railroad, and had many friends from his years associated with the railroad. He also served for eight years as the union's full time Washington D.C. lobbyist. Claude was an avid golfer, playing not only course close to home, but all over the United States, and occasionally in Europe. His duties as a lobbyist often put him on the golf course with prominent citizens and politicians. Most fellow golfer classified him as "very good".


During World War Two (WWII) Claude Ramsden Glaze served his country in the United States Army Air Corps in the European theatre. Among his duties when stationed in England was the processing of orders for Army Air Corps pilots assigned to combat units in England. 


Claude was a member of the American Legion Post #159 in Stone Mountain, Georgia for many years, and served two terms as commander of his Post.


He worked for many years running his own photography business. He enjoyed working as a wedding photographer, and worked many weddings of his family members (including the author of this biography). At family gatherings he took numerous photographs of extended family members and made copies available to nephews, nieces and many great-nephews and nieces as well.


Claude and his devoted wife Rachel, were lifelong members (of over 60 years) of Avondale Alliance Church, in Avondale, Georgia.


Claude never used tobacco or alcohol in any form, despite great temptation from friends and acquaintances in the world of the Washington D.C. lobbyist. Somewhere along the way he picked up the nickname, "Stoney".


Claude Ramsden Glaze passed away at the age of 84 years, February 23, 2003. At his funeral service, Claude had directed that the congregation be directed to read John 3:15 through John 3:21...  "Read it and live it!" was his admonition to his mourners. He requested the same songs, (Sweet Beulah Land and The Lighthouse) be played at his funeral, as were played at the funeral of his "dear sweet Rachel."


In June of 2005, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring him. Click here to view the text of that resolution.

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