Glaze Family History

Thomas Washington Glaze

Born: September 1867  Died: June 1941


Married to Nancy Bethena Johnson: There Children were:

Farbie Glaze

Henry B. Glaze

James David Glaze

Albert Mancel Glaze

Luther Marion Glaze

Owen Richard Glaze

Mildred L. Glaze

Nellie Irene Glaze

Azzie Lee Glaze


Thomas Washington Glaze, son of James Wesley Glaze and Martha Glaze, was born in September of 1867 at Macon County, North Carolina. He married March 2, 1884 at Gwinnett County, Georgia, Nancy Bethena Johnson, who was born in February of 1863 in Tennessee, a daughter of Benjamin W. Johnson and Lyddia Johnson. Their children were:

  • Farbie Glaze, born June 1887, Walton County, Georgia, Married Jesse A. Carter. Died 1935 at Gwinnett County, Georgia.

  • Henry B. Glaze, born June 21, 1889, Walton County, Georgia, Died October 25, 1906 at Walton County, Georgia.

  • James David Glaze, born April 20, 1891, Gwinnett County, Georgia, Married, Violet Ramsden. Died March 1929 at Stone Mountain,Dekalb County, Georgia.

  • Albert Mancel Glaze. born September 1, 1893, Walton County, Georgia Married, December 31, 1911 to Alice Alma Rowe. Died, September 10, 1965 at Walton County, Georgia

  • Luther Marion Glaze, born May 11, 1895 at Rockdale County, Georgia Married, October 26, 1913 to Herman Artifical Kilgore. Died May 5, 1972 at Gwinnett County, Georgia

  • Owen Richard Glaze, born July 1897, Gwinnett County, Georgia Married, Bevie L. Glaze

  • Mildred L. Glaze, born August 1899, Gwinnett County, Georgia. Married, Haney

  • Nellie Irene Glaze, born May 2, 1903, Gwinnett County, Georgia. Married, September 7, 1924 to Newman Thomas. Died, January 30, 1985 at Tucker, Dekalb County, Georgia.

  • Azzie Lee Glaze, born May 2, 1905, Walton County, Georgia. Married, November 23, 1920 to Claud Franklin Rutledge. Died, January 14, 1989 at Conyers, Rockdale County, Georgia

Thomas Washington Glaze was the son of James Wesley Glaze and his wife Martha. There is little known about James and Martha, except the bare statistics that can be found in records such as the United States Census. One fact that is known from the census records, James Wesley Glaze had an older brother named Thomas Washington Glaze. Further research has determined that this older brother was killed in action in The War Between The States. He served in the 39th Regiment of the North Carolina Infantry, Company B, and was killed, August 20, 1864, defending Atlanta. Confederate soldier Thomas Washington Glaze is buried in the Zoar Church Cemetery, in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

James Wesley Glaze must have been thinking of his older brother when his own son was born in September 1868, choosing to honor his brother's memory by giving his son the same name.
Thomas Washington Glaze was born in Macon County, North Carolina. The family moved to Georgia sometime between 1870 and 1880. Records which might pinpoint the date and reasons for the family's move have not been located. James Wesley Glaze's family, and several of his siblings moved south to the Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Walton Counties, in the general vicinity of Walnut Grove Georgia. Farming appears to be the occupations of this family. There are no records to indicate that the Glaze family owned the land that they farmed, rather that they were sharecroppers for most of the last two decades of the 19th century.
Thomas Washington Glaze died in 1941. A written record of his funeral was made by a gentleman named Eric Long. The text of that record follows:

Procedure at the Funeral of Mr. Thomas Washington Glaze
Walnut Grove Methodist Episcopal Church and Internment in the Churchyard
June 12, 1941, 2:30 P.M.
He was nearing his 73rd Birthday

As entered the church piano was playing "Jesus Lover Of My Soul.". First song: "Asleep In Jesus". Second Song: "Shall We Gather At The River". Here Rev O. S. Bailey took charge. He read the usual information as to relatives and the brief history of bro. Glaze. Then began the reading of the scripture. (I give below the places read from and just a few words of the principle verses stressed by the preacher) "Ye believe in God, believe also in me..." Found in 14th chapter of John. From the book of Revelation, "And I heard a great voice...", "Tears wiped away...", "All things new...", First sic verses of 21st Revelation. "Alpha and Omega", "I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely...", "...No night there...", First five verses of 22nd Revelation. Prayer by Rev. G. L. Glaze. Special song, trio, "Farther along" by Eric Long, Mr. & Mrs. W. G. Humphries and Mrs. H. A. Moon.

Mr. Bailey began by painting a good word picture of Bro. Glaze. "A pleasure for me to tell you these things about him", "Glad his old companion is able to be here". Special scripture read here from the 13th verse of 14th chapter of Revelation, "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from Henceforth...". Special attention called to this verse as related to a person like Bro. Glaze. Bro. Glaze showed that he had met the Lord somewhere... I believe he was a child of God. It was such a man as this that John was talking about. "Blessed are they that die in the Lord." Then he quotes, "Come ye blessed of my Father inherit...", 25th chapter Matthew verse34. Exhorted us to better lives and hopes by the life of Bro. Glaze. There's a better place for Bro. Glaze in a "House not made with hands". "In my Father's house are many mansions...". "He (the Lord) is coming again", (Ecclesiastes). "God will judge every man according to his works", but our works will not, but the grace of God will enable us to go to heaven. Give ourselves over to the Lord ... He will be with you and a friend forever. To the relatives, "Look unto the Lord", I commend you to the Lord Jesus Christ...

Here Rev. G. L. Glaze gave a brief sermon and talk. As follows - Mr Glaze was "Uncle Tommie to him", "Hurts us very much, but Jesus as, 'I go to prepare a place' - Nothing better to say then he was a "God fearing man" - To have hold of the Lord. "Greatest riches you can hold in your hand is eternal life". "We have an intercessor, Jesus Christ, Trust the Lord". Wonderful to be able to trust God for salvation. "He watches over us in love". "He rescues us in times of distress". "But woe to those who do not trust the Lord". We know that uncle Tommie is in the hands and presence of God. Warns of the great judgment day. "May the Lord bless you".

During view song - "Sweet By And By", and piano plays "Shall We Gather At The River" and "Jesus Lover Of My Soul". Conclusion at the grave side Bro. Bailey offering up the benediction Prayer. Making up the chior - W. G. Humphries, Mrs. Cloe Humphries, Reba Humphries, Eric Long, Mrs. Laura Baker, Mrs Ray, (May Ila) Moon, Miss Lois Stone, Miss Margie Clay, Mrs. June Thompson, Mrs. May Woodruff with Mrs. H. A. (Rosie) Moon at the piano. (You can make a list of the relatives and of the pall bearers and attach to this if you wish.
Almand - Undertakers.

Notes made by Eric Long.

The pallbearers at his funeral were Henry Glaze, Byram Glaze, Arthur Carter, Ralph Carter, Thomas Haney, and Grover Lee Glaze.

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