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Welcome to my personal home page. It's primary purpose is for me to share my interests. You will see some links here on this page, and this is where I refer you to some of those interests.

Glaze Family History: My family's genealogy has been an interest of mine since the early 1990's when I began doing some family history research. This link is where I share some of that on-going research. I am active on, and much of my research is viewable there.

Kingswood Church History: I have been a member of Kingswood Methodist Church since 1979. Over the years I have been interested in preserving church history, and have served the last several years as church historian. This link is where I share some of that history with anyone who may be interested.

Memorial to Christie Glaze: Christie Annette Wells Glaze was my wife. We met in high school, in the marching band, and were married at Kingswood in 1980. I had built a web site for her, and after her passing in 2013, I maintained it as a bit of a memorial.

Here are some links to other pages I have created:

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