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Welcome to the personal home page of Jeff L. Glaze. This site is always a work in progress. I am using it to share information about myself, maybe a little too much info...   You be the judge.

Jeff L. Glaze

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I have been an active volunteer with the Boys Scouts of America since 1979 and you'll find a number of links on my page to various Scouting resources on the internet.

I have been employed by Cisco Systems, Inc. since 2006 when my previous employer Scientific Atlanta was purchased by Cisco. 32 years and counting.

I am a Christian, and have been a member of the Methodist Church all of my life.

Politics, oh no, now I've stepped into it....

In Honor of his service to our country, I have published a web site, with WWII photos, about my great uncle Walter Wright.

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  July 13, 2012